Sodium Formate Solutions

Consumers are demanding antibiotic-free meat, causing meat producers to focus on reducing and eliminating antibiotics in their meats. The solution: Sodium Salts. Sodium salts have already been proven and adopted to replace antibiotics in the animal feed market, and are extensively used throughout Europe.

Sodium salts are the only plant-based formic acid in the world. DFI's natural and organic sodium salts are a co-product of DFI's erythritol proprietary production process that revolutionizes the economics of being green.

  • Natural & Organic

    Natural & Organic

    DFI produces a natural, plant-based, organic form of sodium formate.

  • GRAS Approved

    USDA Approved

    USDA approval for animal application on Sodium Formate secured last year by BASF.

  • Zero Waste

    Zero Waste

    Sodium salts with zero waste that are produced using sustainable hydroelectric power.

While a major function of sodium salts is to replace antibiotics in animal feed, they have other environmentally friendly applications as well that include use as road de-icers, green cleaners, and oil production.

  • Road De-Icers

    Road De-Icers

  • Green Cleaners

    Green Cleaners

  • Oil Applications

    Oil Production