Effects of Oral Administration of Erythritol on Patients with Diabetes
by Masashi Ishikawa, Minoru Miyashita, Yukiko Kawashima, Teiji Nakamura, Nobuhiko Saitou, & John Modderman
29 July 1996

Erythritol (20g in solution) was administered orally in a single-dose to 5 patients with diabetes. Serum erythritol levels reached a peak 1hr after administra- tion and then declined rapidly. In a separate clinical trial, erythritol (20 g) was administered orally daily for 14 days to 11 patients with diabetes.

The single dose study suggests that erythritol exerts no sig- nificant effects on the metabolism of diabetic patients. Two-week daily administration of erythritol had no adverse effect on blood glucose control.

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