Mitr Phol Group
DFI Partners with Mitr Phol Group
by DFI Corporation
23 September 2016

Paul Magnotto, Founder & CEO of DFI, and Krisda Monthienvichienchai, Mitr Phol Group Chief Executive Officer, jointly announced today that both companies have reached a strategic investment and partnership agreement to expand production of natural sweeteners that offer distinct health benefits and superior taste compared to existing low calorie sweeteners.

Magnotto said, “We are very excited about this partnership and Mitr Phol’s investment. It will allow us to significantly expand our innovative and patented electrochemistry platform that transforms common sugars into low calorie products found in nature, without compromising taste."

According to Mitr Phol Group CEO, Krisda Monthienvichienchai, “Mitr Phol is very pleased to be investing in DFI. DFI’s technology and people are highly innovative and world class. We look forward to building production plants in Thailand in the near future."

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