Erythritol: An Interpretive Summary of Biochemical, Metabolic, Toxicological & Clinical Data
by I. C. Munro, W. O. Bernt, J. F. Borzelleca, G. Flamm, B. S. Lynch, E. Kennepohl, E. A. Bar, & J. Modderman
12 June 1998

A critical and comprehensive review of the safety information on erythritol was undertaken. Numerous toxicity and metabolic studies have been conducted on erythritol in rats, mice and dogs.

The clinical studies showed erythritol to be well tolerated and not to cause any toxicologically relevant eō¸°‡ffects, even following high-dose exposure. Erythritol administered orally to humans was rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and quantitatively excreted in the urine without undergoing metabolic change. It can be concluded, based on the available studies that erythritol did not produce evidence of toxicity.

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